Gandtrack Asia Sdn Bhd (GTA) was formed in 2008 and established in 2009 to provide technical services and to supply cutting tools. We also provide wear parts to a wide range of industries specifically for the Aerospace industry. We design and manufacture tooling, including form tools, drills, dagger drills and reamers, to our customers according to their specifications, specializing in P.C.D tools for the Composite industry. Gaining continuous support from the parent company in UK (Gandtrack LTD), we had built a reputation on quality and services across Asia region.


  • To propose a suitable geometry design and perform trial at the actual panel production as well as work piece in order to meet the customer requirement and satisfaction.
  • To propose the best solution to improve the cutting tool as it helps to avoid any obstruction in the actual production rate.
  • To achieve a cutting tools cost reduction for at least 10 % from the current spent cutting tools. 


  • Gandtrack Asia Sdn Bhd are committed to provide a high-quality service of Quality Management in services provided for aircraft industry, by continuously improving client service, company operations and regulations.
  • Total customer satisfaction, the company’s primary objective, is achieved by recognizing, understanding, and evaluating customer needs and trying to exceed them. 
  • Executive management are committed to efficient operation and continual improvement of our performance and the quality management system. To this end quality objectives are set and measured to facilitate effective and efficient review. 
  • The management will provide adequate resources and training needed to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management system.  
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